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Online STEM and learning resources

Some of our members have developed on-line events and learning resources in response to government restrictions during the COVID-19 health crisis. You can access these services no matter where you live. Check out what the following members have on offer:


South Australia

Dr Quark doing scientific circus experiments

Dr Quark's Scientific Circus

Dr Quark explores the science and forces behind the circus tricks we all love. While performing feats of unicycling, juggling, rolla bolla and plate spinning, he demonstrates the effects of gravity, momentum, friction, air pressure, energy transfer and push and pull forces. Learn about the physical science of the circus and beyond in a fun and engaging way.

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Dr Quark.jpg

Graeme Denton

0407 816 059

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SOK toys.jpg

Switched On Kids

Formed after countless conversations with parents who were frustrated with the poorly made, plastic toys that were cluttering up their homes, Switched on Kids sells toys that are interactive, educative, challenging and fun. And with a growing importance on STEM for future job readiness, their toys give your kids the opportunity to develop skills and talents through play and discovery.

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  • Retail

  • Online & travels nationally

SOK Brijesh.jpeg

Brijesh Mangla

0425 822 318

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Nitro Nat_chemicals.jpg

Nitro Nat

Want exciting, amazing educational science shows? 


Do you have kids that love a good explosion or elephants' toothpaste reaching the ceiling - all in the name of science of course!


Have Nitro Nat come to your school, function, fair and prepare to be blown away by some astonishing science demonstrations.

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Natalia Dworniczek

0424 153 687

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amatuer radio.jpg

Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club

A club for people of all ages who are interested in amateur radio. Members learn about the art of radio communications, experiment with digital communication and use computers and radio to complement each other by harnessing the power of the internet. This unique hobby also helps to increase knowledge of geography, science, mathematics, and technologies used in a modern society. Learn more >

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  • Club

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Jean (VK5TQ) Howden

0428 198 337

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MDC_kids at fishtank.jpg

Marine Discovery Centre

The Marine Discovery Centre helps turn students into ocean warriors. The aquariums with local marine wildlife and the hands-on learning stations teach about sustainable fishing, beachcombing, Aboriginal culture and the importance of preserving our marine environments. Guided engaging beachside marine trails complement the Centre’s indoor educational activities.

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  • School excursions and incursions

  • VR experiences

  • Free online resources

MDC_carmen bishop.png

Carmen Bishop

0422 885 409

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We’re a community group, with a competitive robotics team.


We love to excite young minds about STEM by using a common interest: Robots. We teach teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking. Talk to us about all things robot!

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  • Club

  • Lego League & robotics competitions

  • Exhibits


Peter Ryan-Kanez

0488 975 288

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Australian native possum

Animals Anonymous

How many Australian native animals can you list? Chances are that the wildlife warriors from Animals Anonymous have worked with them. They provide a hands-on experience for learners, educating on conserving Australia's precious wildlife and are actively involved in the conservation of some of our most threatened species.

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  • Exhibits

  • Podcasts

animals anon_adrian_edited_edited_edited

Adrian Sherriff

0419 027 525

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bugs_girl & hermit crab.png

Bugs n Slugs

Did you know that insects represent more than half of all living organisms? Find out more from nature educators Bugs n Slugs and their fascinating invertebrate collection. They create engaging, curriculum-linked experiences to help learners understand and appreciate the natural world and bugs within it.

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  • Performances & exhibits

  • Hatch your own insect kits & dig kits

  • Free online resources


Kristen Messenger

0407 317 757

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child outdoors with bug catcher

Junior Field Naturalists SA

A club for nature enthusiasts aged 6-14. Come and hear about animals, fossils, marine life, astronomy, life in Antarctica and much more. Attend field trips like bird banding, fungi forays, geology excursions and marine "rambles". Bring your curiosity and learn about the natural world. The club caters for a broad range of interests, including environmental issues. 

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  • Club

Rona Sakko.jpeg

Rona Sakko

0419 827 723

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Flint Horizontal_small.jpg

Professor Flint's Dinosaur University

What creatures once walked in the place where you now live? What swam in waters that once covered your garden space? What once flew above trees taller than any trees that now grow in your local park? Join Professor Flint on a journey to your local neighbourhood… millions of years ago! By learning about the past, we are able to better connect to the story of who we are today. 

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  • Performances & story-telling

  • On-line experiences & video

  • Online Dinosaur University Club

Avatar 89

Michael Mills

0411 287 381

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Inspire STEM Ed_kids.jpg

Inspire STEM Education

We bring powerful scanning electron microscopes to your school or site to help students discover the unseen world around them. Prepare to be amazed! Our world class equipment and expertise in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will inspire learners to seek out even more. Suitable for students from K – 12 and beyond.
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  • School incursions & programs

Female head image.png

Jessica Jones

08 8463 1967

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Marty McBubble explaining bubble science

Scientific Bubble Show

Marty McBubble will amaze you with his incredible bubble creations and the scientific wonders that make them possible. With quirky gadgets and plenty of comedy Marty will create bubble rockets and volcanos, bubble cubes and carousels, bubble caterpillars and ice-cream. Along the way he'll explain the science of bubbles too. An expert bubble maker, he's even held the World Record for the largest bubble ever made indoors. Learn more >

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  • Events

marty mcbubble.jpg

Graeme Denton

0407 816 059

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Techspace Learning

Techspace are the robotics and programming experts, teaching people of all ages about the basics and beyond. With a focus on hands-on learning and troubleshooting, participants will learn the why and how of programming. If you've always had a curiosity about making robots and gadgets work, Techspace can teach you all you need to know. All you need is a willingness to learn, they provide everything else. 

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  • Workshops


Don Eickhoff

0490 040 155

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Australian Dalek Builders' Union

Watch out! Don't get exterminated! The Daleks are here. Where would a STEM fair be without a bit of science fiction? Followers of Doctor Who and today's youngsters alike are bound to be fascinated by the Daleks. Dedicated fans can learn to build a Dalek or even join the Union.

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  • Exhibits & performances

  • Travels nationally

dr who_edited.jpg

Daniel Carmichael

0437 487 089

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Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries

South Australian reefs have more colour, diversity and endemic species than the Great Barrier Reef, so jump in for a safe and supervised guided snorkel tour or virtual reality 360 video experience and learn more. EMS is run by a group of passionate ocean loving volunteers and our programs are led by dive professionals and nationally accredited snorkel guides. All equipment is supplied. 

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  • Guided tours & school programs

  • VR experiences

  • Online resources & VR headsets to rent

EMS_Carl Charters_head shot.jpg

Carl Charter

0466 278 187

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​We help students and teachers better understand the complex world of science. We provide professional development training for senior school teachers focussing on scientific research skills and a tailored outreach program for high school students. Presented by experienced scientists with a passion for science communications, we put the spark into science education. Learn more >

  • School outreach program

  • Student resources

  • Teacher professional development


Dr Bianca Warnock 

0405 377 373

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Fire and smoke at Street Science event

Street Science

Street Science have a passion for bringing science to life. Their experienced science communicators mix humour, exciting demonstrations and quality scientific explanations into an interactive science experience suitable for all ages. From school visits to kids’ parties and local events, Street Science will fire up a love of learning in your community.

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  • Live & online stage shows & workshops

  • Virtual learning tool box including free daily lesson & subscription services

  • Travels regionally & nationally

Kim Lidell.jpg

Kim Liddell

1300 150 481

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reef check_team.jpg

Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Australia is a citizen science focused charity helping communities to understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments. They are a passionate team of people who are committed to teaching about our local reefs and marine ecosystems. Become a REEFsearcher, reef check surveyor or learn about other ways you can help the health of local reefs and marine environments. Learn more >

  • Workshops

  • Online classroom activities

  • Travels regionally in QLD & WA


reef check_Jodi_edited.jpg

Jodi Salmond

0407 125 363

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Excite Science.jpg

Excite Science

Excite Science explains complex science in fun and creative ways. Using immersive products that engage hard-to-reach audiences, we specialise in pop-up experiences with subtle preventative healthcare messaging. From cancer-biology themed escape rooms to virtual reality, we create memorable experiences that last a

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  • Pop up experiences - escape room & VR

  • Travels regionally & nationally




Ken Dutton-Register

 0435 931 961

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