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Science events for curious minds

Everything you want to know about science and technology events is right here.

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Need an online event? Contact our members directly to plan an activity for your classroom, OHSC or lounge-room.

We created the Science Collective to bring great science experiences to curious learners.

committed to STEM

we think that all young people should learn about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)


we remember the wonder of making our own scientific discoveries, so we design our science events to be just

as exciting

jobs for the future

we know jobs of the future are changing, so we work with STEM employers to show young people the latest technology

the big science names

we bring together experienced science professionals to deliver the best science events, demonstrations and expos

All the STEM in one place


We bring science events to communities right across Australia.

Tell us what you want and we'll design a science experience to meet your needs.


"The Science Collective is a great idea. I have worked with Brian in the science communication space for 15 years and nobody has done more to bring interactive, exciting and motivating science to thousands of students. With STEM now at the focus of education, the Science Collective will be a hugely important innovation and it could not be in better hands."


Brian was engaged as a consultant for our 2019 Brisbane Science Festival for support and advice regarding sponsorship, logistics and the running of the schools day. Brian was an integral part of the securing of sponsorships for the event as well as enabling us to network with a larger number of scientific organisations to support the event.


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